Liaison Office Set up Services in India and Compliances Support

Looking for Liaison Office Set up Services in India and Compliances Support??

Zenith Online has 20+ years of experience guiding for organizations who are looking forward establish and expanding India, and hence are looking for best Liaison Office Set up Services in Delhi, India. We also look after complaisance requirements for setting up of New Liaison Offices in Delhi, India

Foreign companies which are looking forwarded to expand and establish in India, must legally start with setting up a Liaison Office in India. Primary intention of a liaison office is to explore potential businesses and opportunities in India by collecting pertaining business related information. Thus developing business strategies and plan in accordance with the new culture, legal system, compliances, and demographics. Setting up a Liaison Office in India also helps the by being a marketing channel for the main parent company talking about their products and services among the new prospects. Basically a Liaison Office is set up in India with sole aim to carry out liaising activities in direction to company expansion in the new country.

According to legal compliances, a liaison office cannot make profits or revenue but has to bear expenses only from the support of the head office.

Liaison Office Set up Services in Delhi by Zenith Online offers a suitable medium for a foreign company to understand Indian Market and legal systems and compliances requirements for their businesses specifically. We also facilitate new research, and development required in direction to the company’s motives, and ensure it stays in check and alliance with the compliances. Our team also supports the new liaison office by being an advisory consultant to understand and solve the new business challenges, and clients issues.

Our Liaison Office Set up Services include receiving approvals from the RBI, or routing through Authorized Dealers. Support for documentations is an extra ad on which can be assumed too.

Differences Between Liaison Office and Branch Office

Main differences between setting up Liaison Office in India Vs. Branch Office in India is as bulleted below:

  • It’s not mandatory for Liaison Office in India to pay Income Taxes, while branch offices are very liable for tax payments
  • Liaison Offices can't attempt any Trading/Commercial movements straightforwardly in India, though branch offices are permitted to do trade and exchange / commercial businesses as allowed by RBI
  • Branch offices in India are additionally subject to Transfer Pricing (International Taxation) under Regulation of Indian Income Tax

Liaison Office Registration Procedures in India and Compliances Requirements

To set up Liaison Offices in India, approval for new registration has to granted from Reserve Bank of India, RBI. Upon receiving approval for registering new Liaison Office in India, the company registration is closed with registering under ROC, i.e., Registrar of Companies India. Zenith Online ensures smooth Liaison Office Set up Services in India, by being all through the methods and compliances requirements as required for the process of New Liaison Set up in India.

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